Welcome to Lesbian Dayton, a free social group, supported by volunteering members, to connect with and grow our community in southwest Ohio.

Lesbian Dayton's mission is to build a vibrant, welcoming, and accessible Lesbian community in the Miami Valley by improving access to existing social opportunities, creating additional social opportunities, and by increasing lesbian visibility and involvement.

Lesbian Dayton is organized by our free email membership. New events and updates are announced in emailed newsletters.

Who We Are

The word "lesbian" is used as an easy way for us to be found - we live in a society where boundaries and language are forever shifting. Women who identify as bi-sexual have emailed us, asking if they are welcome at Ld. Of course! Lesbian, for Lesbian Dayton purposes, means someone who lives as a woman, and who has romantic love interests with other women.

Social Events

Lesbian Dayton's social groups are designed for those who join the list to organize/host an activity.
If we want it, we have to create it!

The social group management is donated to the lesbian community by members, to provide a free and easy way for women to co-create what they want socially.

There is no cost to join the Ld social groups, you simply need to go to the "contact us" page and subscribe.

We have twice-monthly happy hours plus:

Dine Out Lesbian Dayton - a group for lesbian foodies of all ages.

Great Outdoors - a group for those who like to do things outside. Get on the email list to be invited to hikes, disc golf, mini golf, etc.

The number, and type, of activities organized is fully dependent on the women who have subscribed to the list.

If you want to do something with other lesbians (hike/watch sports/go clubbing/go to festival, etc) you can send all the details of the event in to lesbiandayton at least two weeks prior to the event.

Lesbian Dayton will share your information with our hundreds of members.

Requirements for Lesbian Dayton events

All women on the email list are invited to attend Ld events.

The event must be announced, and managed, by Lesbian Dayton using the info@lesbiandayton email address, otherwise you cannot use the Lesbian Dayton name in connection with your private activity.

The event must have a "host." We work hard to make sure newcomers feel welcome and accepted.

At all Ld activities, the host/organizer is required to make sure new women are welcomed warmly and introduced to others in attendance (the warm and welcoming part of the mission.)

There is no discrimination at Ld events - the mission is to build a warm, welcoming community... that is incompatible with discrimination and it is just ugly anyway.

So, what activity are you going to plan/host? If you aren't sure how to, drop us a line and we'll help you.

Subscribe to Lesbian Dayton

To subscribe please go to our Contact Us page, click on "Subscribe to Activity Announcements."

If you want to invite other women to an event you're going to: a concert, festival, sporting event, etc., send information to at least two weeks prior to your event so we have time to get it on the calendar.

Ellen Bukvic

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